If you are a clinical research professional the Exigent Group is your career partner. We work with Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, BioPharma and CRO companies throughout the United States. Since 2007 we have helped hundreds of research professionals advance their careers and find the position that fits their work/life balance. The Exigent Group works on full-time and contractor roles. We have helped people relocate across the country and find the perfect job. We also have opportunities that allow you to use your unique skills while working from home. If you are considering a career change the Exigent Group should be your first call. Most people are happy with their current role but there is always that special role in that location you always wished for. Give us a call, let us know what to look out for. Once that job comes up we will contact you and present the opportunity.

Our recruiters are trained and certified in the latest search technology and we know how to market YOU! If that job is out there, we will find it for you.

We have more than 20 years of experience recruiting and placing candidates in the clinical research and IT professions.

Our recruiters are experienced professionals with real industry and business experience who provide solid career and job search advice. Unlike the larger agencies who hire recruiters without any industry or business experience and have inexperienced recruiters handle your job search and offering career advice.

We are a boutique agency and offer a much more personalized, custom job search experience.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed contacts throughout many industries and can use our vast network to find you the position you want and deserve.

We are experts at drilling down into companies and getting your resume in front of the hiring contact.

We will help you through every step of your job search process.

We offer an honest, friendly, non-pressured, work at your pace and comfort level job search experience.

We utilize all the latest technology, user groups, and social/business networks to stay on top of all the job openings in our industry.

Below are some tips Exigent Group put together to help with interviewing and the job search process.